Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is directed by David Fincher, and has got to be one of the most boring films that I have seen in a long time. It is SOOOO incredibly long, nearly 3 hours! Fine i'll watch your 3 hour long film, but please make it entertaining, or some bit interesting. Please don't try to tug at my heart strings for 3 hours! The thing is to that it tries too hard. I got the feeling watching it that it was trying to be a Forrest Gump sort of a movie. Then I discovered afterwards that the guy who wrote this piece of crap movie, Eric Roth, is the SAME Eric Wroth who wrote.........FOREST GUMP! Why BLATENTLY copy a previously successful formula and try to reacreate it thinking that nobody would mind. I do. Don't know about anyone else.

Now David Fincher is a great director. His lighting in his films for example is simply amazing. One of my favourite films of all time has got to be Fight Club, and Se7en is pretty high up the list as well. I just can't recognise the David Fincher of Fight Club and Se7en, from the David Fincher that made Benjamin "boring as hell" Button. Doesn't he know it in his bones that this is one god awful film? Even while he was making it? Didn't he get that feeling like, "Jesus this is really boring!" I would have packed up the film right there and then and walked off the set.

The plot (as simply as I can put it, I don't want to think about this movie too much): Benjamin Button is born, he looks about 90 years old, he's abandoned, he's adopted, he grows up different to the other kids blah blah, when he's old enough he leaves home to work on a trawler, sees the world, meets "interesting" characters, goes home to meet his childhood sweetheart, blah blah blah and there you have it folks: Forrest Gump......I mean Benjamin Button. My god this film sucks.

Another gripe I had with this film. And this is just for the sake of ranting: No one in the film pays much attention to the fact that.........THIS KID IS ABOUT 90 YEARS OLD! No one says "Wait a minute, something's fishy here......this kid is an old man!" They sort of acknowledge it but they just pass it off and say dumbass things like "Well he's just special...." or "Hey Benjamin, you look a bit different than you did a few years back. Oh well must be all that drink made my mind all wonky ha ha ha". God almighty, there's a scene where Daisy (Benjamin's child hood sweetheart) tries to make the argument that they can have a child and live happily ever after. Benjamin says "well, how would I look after him when I'm like 7 years old?", and she says something stupid like "the child will just love you for who you are" and "well why can't a blind man have a child?"

Another thing. When I think back over the movie I'm reminded of 2 thing: old people, and two incredilbly hot people having sex. Daisy is in her deathbed and asks her daughter to read Benjamins diary and that's how the story gets told. Something like Titanic, the old lady "thiiiis iis hooow it allll happpennneddd, IIIII'lll telll youuuu" cept It's the daughter reading a diary. Mind blowingly original. Every so often we leave the story and return to the present day and we gotta listen to this old lady again saying "reaaaaad thhhhhee booooook, reaad thhe boooook.....". AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SUDDENLY!!!!!!! Benjamin "grows" young, he meets his childhood sweetheart, they're both around the same age AND..........we get to see them having sex in incredibly exotic places!! On a yacht out in the ocean, on a beach, in thier apartment by the ocean. It just doesn't fit, and not in the charming way.

The lighting is great, ya so what this film SUCKS, it SUCKS. It tries to be thought provoking, an emotional rollercoaster, it's not. I don't even know what the point of the story was. What was it trying to say? What? I don't know! I don't care. Don't watch this film, for the love of god, DON'T WATCH THIS FILM!!! I'm gonna go mourn the fact that I wrote such a long, boring review for such a LONG AND BORING AS SHIT MOVIE!!!


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Terrific movie. Direction and the story is flawless. Acting was top notch. And actions scenes were jaw dropping and with this movie I was not disappointed at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this movie is a total waste of time. And the idea of a man that grows backwards... that´s plainly stupid. It´s not a good idea, not from any view point. Hollywood makes tons of crap and we everywhere give a chance to their movies... over and over. And we even respect this!